As one of our initiatives through our Corporate Social Responsibility program, NTB Capital undertook to upgrade the notoriously bumpy and sometimes impassable section of road between the end of the village and the surf camp in Gerupuk.

The road that stretches in front of the fisheries department along the coastline, was difficult and bumpy when dry but with some determination, somewhat passable. After rain however, it was an overwhelming challenge that has claimed many a traveller in its muddy embroil.

Thanks to the generous donation of soil and a discounted rate on the bulldozer from Gemela Group (Paul Lupton), and workers from Tropical Lodgings (Jonas Norberg), we were able to gather some of the local community to carry out the task.

The job included raising the level of the road and setting an appropriate gradient for efficient drainage, then flattening and compaction, followed by a top level of aggregate a few months later.

The road has, so far, held up well and is now completely dry after rain.

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