After a spate of big swells and king tides combined to wreak havoc on the shoddy, locally constructed seawall that had previously served as the only buffer between ocean and road, some members of the Gerupuk expat community (with Paula from Bambook Architects in command) banded together and arranged for reparations before the road was entirely swept away.

Thanks again to the generosity of Paul Lupton of Gamela Group who provided trucks and boulders at a discounted rate, the group (including NTB Capital) were able to drop 81 truck loads of rocks and boulders along the edge of the road, providing much needed protection from the elements.

The Indonesian community also helped out by providing man power to help tidy up any stray boulders.

There is still much that can be done in and around the village but it is encouraging to see the growing expat community willing to chip in and make a positive difference.

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