Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich lives by enabling partnerships between villa and village.

We aspire to create inspiring developments that provide strong returns for our investors, whilst being both sustainable and beneficial to the surrounding communities.


Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

– Theodore Roosevelt

Our Vision

Our vision is to exceed the expectations of our investors through a commitment to excellence in all that we do. Our desire is to be forerunners in South Lombok and its surrounds, forging a path of socially responsible, mutually beneficial and sustainable development that stands the test of time.

Our Core Values

Care & Respect

It is the people that make the company. People are valuable; whether it is our staff, our clients or the little old lady in the village.

Be Resilient

If you are disciplined, adaptable, diligent and willing to persevere in the face of opposition, nothing will stop you.

Making Money... The Right Way

You can still make money without compromising your values.

Priorities & Focus

Trust and integrity come first. You can’t have either without transparency. Success and finances will follow.

Be Excellent

We don’t just want to be good. We want to be excellent.

Every Journey Has Its Setbacks

Be accountable, even if something was out of your control. Accept the situation and take responsibility. Be quick to start on the great thing you will do next.

Meet Our Team

"Chris is a former equity trader at Dresdner Kleinwort (Commerzbank) in London and both trader/broker at Macquarie Bank in Hong Kong. After leaving Macquarie in 2009 he spent 3 years setting up the equity desks at Chinese brokerages before moving to Indonesia fulltime as partner of a property brokerage, Elite Havens Lombok, in 2013. Chris set up NTB Capital later in 2013 to pursue private equity-style returns. Chris purchased his first Lombok property in January 2013 and brings to the team a wealth of knowledge in structuring deals, sales and capital raising.”

David is a former commercial real estate agent who operated in Sydney for almost a decade. David also worked as the National Sales & Customer Service Manager for a prominent Australian and US surfboard brand. David brings with him experience in both small and large business as well as practical skills and knowledge in a variety of key areas, notably; management, project development, marketing and sales. His calm, measured and practical approach is the perfect ying to the yang of his entrepreneurial business partner.

Simon spent a total of 13 years in investment banking, including stints at JPMorgan, Merril Lynch and BNP Paribas, working in a number of areas including Corporate Advisory, a Credit Derivs prop trading desk and Hedge Fund Prime Brokerage. Simon made his first land purchase in Lombok in 2010 and a second larger purchase in 2012. He joined David and Chris on the NTB Capital team as a director in 2014, adding specialist experience in offshore fund documentation and due diligence.

Maman (Fazlurrahman) was born in Lombok but spent 15 years in East Java. During that time he was educated at the State University of Malang where he completed a Bachelor in Building and Engineering, before working on several government infrastructure projects. Maman adds vital local knowledge to our team, speaks three languages, and acts as a conduit for placable interaction between western and Indonesian cultural and language differences. Humble, hardworking and accommodating, he possesses the perfect personality for this challenging role.

Arief is a vital member of the team. Enthusiastic and dependable, he helps out in a myriad of areas including some of the most important ones - finances and tax. Joining us from Jakarta and with experience in government departments, Arief's contribution has been invaluable.

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