Investment Case – Why Lombok?

South Lombok is fast approaching the start of a significant investment cycle, with strong growth potential expected over the next 10-15 years. Strong domestic demand and a growing Asian middle-class are driving this imminent growth phase and providing fertile grounds for Lombok’s burgeoning tourism capabilities. 2014 marked the transition from early speculation to a legitimate property market as the first developers broke ground in the south, coinciding with government infrastructure projects; and focus on the long awaited Mandalika project, which will bring a lot of international focus and attention on the region’s beautiful beaches and its close proximity to the international airport.


Investment Strategies

A substantial supply versus demand mismatch exists in hotel accommodation and commercial projects in South Lombok, particularly compared to the mature Bali tourist market. Our primary strategies are based around land subdivisions and commercial development, with secondary focus on distressed assets and land banking opportunities. Our attention is focused on due diligence and structuring our investments to minimize as much risk as possible, whilst adding value to create higher returns for investors.

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